December 20, 2014


I want to stream. I want to shoot video. I want to photograph, edit,  write, teach, design, motivate, encourage, create. I just want to do a  lot of things. Yet I do nothing. Because the thought of doing everything  is overwhelming and - frankly - unattainable. At least not while I sit  here slouched in my computer chair doing nothing. I'm making small strides. "Dedicating" a few minutes a day to  programming, writing, photoshop. But overall it's pretty aimless. But is  it meaningless though? To improve myself, no. Baby steps. Baby steps  are what it's all about. I'm not going to create an entire empire  overnight. And if I did, I'd be in a rough state. I'd have no idea how  to run things at that scale. No sense of even what order to execute  tasks in if in fact I knew what had to be done next. No, it's necessary  to take baby steps. Gotta crawl to walk; walk to run. Right now, though,  I'm just trying to hold my head up.