August 30, 2018


My Field Notes filled up again. They don't do that often for me. Get filled up. But this one did. So, as is my current process, I moved it to the special, zippy pocket in my backpack which I've designated as the place for my Reference Notes.

A fresh Field Notes in my pocket to readily gobble up doodles, lists, and diagrams -- and my most recently-filled 48-page memo book to sit in my backpack in the event I entered information only into those sacred pages. Never to migrate to the digital realm.

I swapped out the old-old notes with the new-old notes and, just prior to archival, I reviewed the long-forgotten sequence of glyphs which date back to early and mid 2017. It tickled the memory synapses and made me scratch my head at points, but if there's any content in there worth sharing with the world, I've typed it out below, provided without disclaimer of organization or current opinions on older thoughts.

If you practice something once a day, you will get better at it.

Theory: There is no free time. Every hour must be bought and paid for. Fight for your time.

  • Rid yourself of excuses
  • Create strict routines
  • Decide how bad you want it and if it's worth it
  • Invest in it
  • Keep going and remain consistent
  • Aim to fail to learn to succeed
  • Reap the rewards

Would you rather experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

For self-discipline:

  1. Remove tempation for self-discipline
  2. Eat regularly and healthy
  3. Don't wait for it to feel right
  4. Schedule breaks, rewards and treats
  5. Forgive yourself and move forward

Old phase: survival
New phase: growth and maturation
I want the next phase of my life to be about professional and personal growth.

What challenges you in a joyful way?

Clutter is anthing that no longer serves you.

If you practice something once a day, you will get better at it.[1]

Reduce/eliminate/strictly plan

  • Internet time
  • Netflix
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Shows

  1. Yes, I had this in there twice. I think I'm trying to tell myself something. ↩︎