July 22, 2014


I just reread my previous post and chuckled quietly to myself. How  can I expect to succeed at any long-term goal without a system set in  place? I just downloaded a productivity / to-do list app, HabitRPG, for  my phone a few days ago and so far I'm having fair success using it. I  just added "Write a paragraph" to my dailies so maybe - just maybe -  you'll see more here soon.

I want to create short, informative, digestible content. I may not be  able to swing all three qualifiers in every post, but it's a start.  Maybe I'll do how-tos as I often find myself scouring the web for  several resources that amount to some semblance of a tutorial. I've been  toying around with Linux as I recently received a Raspberry Pi for my  birthday so there's plenty of potential for tutorials written from the  perspective of a newbie.

I started this post out with the title "recollection" because I  remembered that I wanted to make a habit out of writing. I remembered  that I had been foolish. "Silly Witt, how foolish you were five months  ago!" No. I think to the me that is looking at the past. I still  am that foolish boy who thinks he can declare a motive and it just  happen effortlessly. I fail. I fail often. I often fail miserably. And  without a plan of attack it's going to continue to happen. So, don't just remember. Recollect. Collect again the mistakes and  carry forward the knowledge that change won't occur unless you make it.