February 5, 2014


This was originally posted on an old blog of mine years ago.

I just read a blog post by some guy named Michael Hyatt. Apparently,  he's a productivity guru. The post was something about goal-setting,  goal-achieving, blah, blah.Anyways, it got me thinking about how habits  make up who we are. You're not a writer if you write three times out of  the year. You're not a strength-trainer if you only exercise ten times a  month. You see what I'm saying. So, yeah. Back to habits. I figure I tweet multiple times a day -  usually two back-to-back forming a complete thought - so why not blog as  such? Just miniature thoughts. Not worry so much about formal English  and just develop a habit of writing. (I thought this post in itself would only be three sentences long.)

Here's to forming habits! *raises glass*