December 12, 2014

The X Effect

I discovered and started using this productivity / habit-development method today. It's called The X Effect. I found it on Reddit via the get disciplined subreddit. The short version is willpower is like a muscle; it only gets stronger  by exercising. After repeating a small, doable task for forty-nine days,  you're darn near close to turning that repetitive action into a habit.  From there, you increase the difficulty in whatever degree you see fit.  You can find the longer, more thorough version in the original post.

As always, I'll try anything that I think will force / grow me to be more productive, more happy. I'm using the 7 Weeks app that was actually made by someone as a result of using forty-nine day method. In addition to that, I'm recording  everything manually in my Field Notes too. Drawing the X feels so nice.